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Craigslistt’s site offers local classifieds online for every city. With the philosophy and conviction that classified ad services should be efficient, easy to use and free to the public. Its main idea is to strengthen local communities through the support of local business.

The Craigslistt portal is an online classifieds website focused on local communities in countries around the world.

What is craigslist ?

It is a small message or advertisement placed in newspapers, magazines or periodicals. These messages are usually grouped under specific headings, also called classifications, in a separate section. craigslist are comparatively low-cost advertisements. craigslist have recently been seen on websites, social networks like Facebook, Instagram as well as smartphones and tablets.

History of craigslist 

The earliest known form of public notice is in 2000 BC, when the ancient Egyptians carved public notices out of steel. This was the first recorded form of outdoor advertising. The Egyptians also made use of papyrus to make wall posters and sales messages.

However, the form of craigslist we know today was first recorded in 1704 when the first newspaper ad was placed in the Boston News-Letter, seeking a buyer for an Oyster Bay, Long Island.

Types of craigslist

Now let’s look at the different types of craigslist that consumers encounter. These are:

1. Regular classified

These are regular text ads and are charged per letter, line or column. They are usually one column wide, have no graphics and are written by the publisher of the print media.

2. Classified display ad

These types of ads also include a logo or visual image and have a border surrounding the text ad. They are usually priced higher than regular classifieds and are charged per column centimeter or per square centimeter.

3. Show craigslist

This is the most expensive type of classified ad as it has the maximum impact. The minimum ad size is 3 centimeters and can be any size in height and width. Advertisers can also choose to have their craigslist in color as well.

All the above types of craigslist can be divided into the following categories:

Types of craigslist ads

1. Recruitment

Although recruitment advertising is extremely popular in display advertising, it is equally popular in craigslist . Advertisements under the heading “Vacant Situations” are an apt medium for small and medium-sized businesses to attract job applicants. A spin-off of Vacant Situations are “Situations Wanted” craigslist , where job seekers describe their skills and qualifications.

2. Property

craigslist are one of the most effective advertising methods for selling, buying or renting houses or other properties by individual owners, landlords or even real estate agents. However, we must remember here that advertisements for real estate projects are not included in craigslist .

3. Obituary

Obituary messages are another common type of craigslist , which allow advertisers to add pictures of the deceased along with a message. Advertisers also used craigslist to place condolence messages, funeral invitations and mementos.

4. Matrimonial

This is one of the most common types of craigslist found in India. Here, parents or a close relative place a text ad or classified display consisting of a picture of the prospective bride or groom and looks for a potential match.

5. Business

Many small and medium-sized businesses choose craigslist to advertise. Statistics say that 80% of business promotion campaigns choose newspaper advertising as their first choice. Common types of business craigslist are business proposals and offers, sales promotions and ads seeking business partners.

6. Ads

Although matrimonial ads are the main type of craigslist , craigslist for advertisements come in second place. They include personal ads such as name or address changes, legal notices, lost and found, and marriage notices. Placed by individual advertisers, these are primarily intended for personal or government referrals.

7. Education

Many educational ads can also be found in the classified section. It is mainly used by training centers, which have a small budget and therefore prefer to present or promote their training classes.

8. Staff

This is the last type of classified ad and includes personal messages such as birthday wishes, messages about personal achievements, season’s greetings and other similar messages. These are placed by individuals in their personal capacity.

Advantages of craigslist

One of the first advantages of this type of advertising is its low cost compared to other forms of advertising. This low cost could allow small and medium-sized businesses to effectively advertise their products or services without burning a hole in their pockets.

This type of advertising has a wide reach. craigslist placed in newspapers or magazines can be seen by everyone who reads them, while craigslist placed on online websites will be seen by all visitors to the website.

Some online craigslist allow interested consumers to contact advertisers directly, either by clicking on a link or by sending a text message or email.