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How to sell for free online?

Do you want to be a sales leader? Do you already know how to sell for free online? Social media provides value to prospects by answering questions, comments, and sharing content throughout the buying process.

Adaptation is a key component of the world of sales. For traditional tactics to work in the age of social media, you’ll need to adjust your approach.

First of all, you must take into account that there are many sites to sell products. The difficulty is choosing which one suits your brand and improving the offer. When choosing a physical store, your first thought is to choose the one that is best located in order to attract more customers. The same thing happens online.

To sell you need to advertise your products, most general categories on classified sites do not charge a listing fee, but special categories (such as adult services) are usually paid. Classified ad sites do not take responsibility for transactions but also deal with local customers face to face to complete a sale. Among the list of places where you can sell is:

Back page

It covers more than 400 cities and regions in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Backpage is free to post ads; Adult entertainment and personal categories are paid.


Choose a location site from cities located in the United States, Canada, Asia, America, Europe and other international cities. Most classified ads on Craigslist cost nothing to post, but some city-specific sections do carry a fee, such as job listings, brokered apartment rentals, and adult services.

eBay Classifieds

In the United States (and CityCraigslist in Canada) is a proprietary network of classifieds sites for specific countries, including the United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, Germany, India, and others.

Facebook Marketplace

Which is operated by Oodle, helps people buy and sell items in a trusted environment (eg within their network of friends).


Integrate a local classifieds market into a national market. This allows consumers to search for general ads and then be more specific about the location. Ads placed on Hoobly are free; However, you can choose to place a Premium ad, which is posted to a paid area.


An established online classifieds site available in over 96 countries in 40 languages. The ads are free, but the site offers paid options that appear at the top of search results.


It pulls millions of listings from all over the Web. Consumers can place an Oodle ad for free by creating an online account. When you post on Oodle, your classified ad can also be posted on hundreds of other sites.

In this list of sites you can enter and make your ad to carry out your sale, remember that there are also other places where you can publish your ad and also carry out your sale but you will have to pay for the service, among them is : amazon, etsy, bonanza, bigcommerce among others.

Now, what to sell on the Internet is a question that many ask themselves, here I leave you a video in case you are still not clear about what your product will be.

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