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Sacramento is a city that has grown without losing its charm. With a great past behind it, the capital of California is the reference point for travelers who want to relive the era of American cowboys. In this section we offer you all the necessary information for your visit to Sacramento Ca. Have you been wanting to know more? Then read on and you will discover what beauties are hidden inside the capital.

What county is Sacramento Ca In

The county was named by Captain Moraga after the Sacramento River. The word sacramento signifies “Sacrament” or “Lord’s Supper.

What to do in Sacramento Ca

The city of Sacramento is not one of the best-known cities in California, however, it is considered one of the best-lived cities in the United States, since it is a relatively small region that has managed to grow without losing its charm . Sacramento is the capital of California and has an international airport with connections to Guadalajara, Hawaii, Mexico and all regions of the US .

Compared to large Californian cities, Sacramento is quite small (almost 500,000 inhabitants) , even so, its metropolitan area is very large . With a mild climate throughout the year, this city offers a number of very interesting tourist attractions .

It is interesting to know a little about its history , since it was a crucial point in the colonization of California , that is why for many travelers visiting Sacramento is to relive the era of the American cowboys .

Below you will see that the places that we suggest you visit in Sacramento Ca have a bit of colonial history . Here is a list of the most important places to visit in Sacramento.

  1. Sacramento Old Town

The Old Town is the most special place in the city. This neighborhood has stayed the same since 1848 and you will feel like you have stepped back in time and are in a western movie. Is incredible! In 1965 it became a National Historic Landmark.

The buildings were built at the beginning of the Gold Rush and there are many historic buildings, including the Eagle Theater.

It is full of shops, bars and pubs that allow you to imagine what the old west was like.

  1. Fort Sutter

Another of the essential places to visit in Sacramento Ca is Fort Sutter.

  1. The California Railroad Museum

In the same Old Town you will find the Railway museum. In it you can learn about the history of the railroad in California, see images and old photographs.

The museum has 21 meticulously restored locomotives, as well as vintage cars in perfect condition.

  1. The Capitol

In Sacramento one of the most iconic buildings is the Capitol. Admission is free, although if you prefer you can hire a guided tour. With the guided tour, you will learn about the historic offices, legislative chambers, works of art on the premises, and the history and architecture of the Capitol. In addition, after knowing the buildings that make up the Capitol and the museum, you can walk through the park to see the memorials and monuments that are in it.

  1. Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge was inaugurated in 1934. It is a 225 meter bridge in ocher color that stands out a lot. The bridge itself is not spectacular, it stands out for the beautiful views of the river and Sacramento Ca that you will have from its pedestrian walkway.

  1. Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament of Sacramento Ca

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is the cathedral of the Diocese of Sacramento . You will find it in the center of the city, at the intersection of 11th and K streets.

Where to stay in Sacramento?

To stay in Sacramento Ca we suggest you look in the Downtown and Midtown Sacramento districts , as they are central and safe areas . In short, they are the best neighborhoods to stay in . On the other hand, we advise you to discard the areas of Oak Park and Del Paso Heights , in the north of the city, since they are somewhat dangerous and conflictive districts .

How far is Sacramento from San Francisco?

Drive to Sacramento from San Francisco? Here’s the quick answer if you drive this relatively short distance without making any stops.

  • Nonstop drive: 87 miles or 140 km
  • Driving time: 1 hour, 27 minutes

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On the Internet

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