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Rent a house in the United States

In order to reside in the United States legally, an immigrant must have a work visa that allows him/her to remain in the country legally and to make arrangements such as renting a house.

Likewise, in order to rent a house, it is necessary to make an investigation about the requirements, costs and the previous legal management to opt for a lease in the North American country.

Requirements to rent a house

In order to lease a residence in the United States, the interested party must have a series of documents that accredit him/her to carry out the rental procedure. These are:

  • Apostilled criminal record.
  • Social Security Number issued by the USCIS immigration agency.
  • Driver’s license or identity card.
  • Valid passport with work visa stamped.
  • Possession of a bank account in the country.
  • Bank statements.

Steps to follow to rent a house in the U.S.

Selection of housing

The foreign national must conduct a research to select the housing that suits his/her needs. The study is based on two important factors: location and costs.

Each city has its own requirements regarding tenant/tenant agreements and responsibilities.

It should be noted that the costs for renting a home vary depending on the state where the foreigner wishes to reside.

Selecting the method of purchase

The method of payment is decided by the landlord. In the United States the means of purchase are by bank transfer and cash.

Reservation of title or ownership

Once the means of purchase is proposed, the interested party together with the lessor of the property will establish the legal and payment conditions. Likewise, a monthly payment date will be stipulated, which the interested party will pay to the owner of the residence to be leased.

Signing of the contract

The owner and the tenant will sign a contract where the duties and rights of both parties will be established, as well as the payment conditions. It is advisable that both the landlord and the tenant agree before signing the lease. The document is drawn up by a lawyer in the registry of the city where the residence is located.


  1. The foreigner must have a work visa to be able to rent a house in the United States.
  2. Any foreigner residing in a rented residence without documentation may be deported by the immigration authorities.
  3. The tenant must report any irregularities that occur in the residence during his/her stay.
  4. The interested party may opt for the social programs offered by the U.S. government to low-income immigrants who wish to rent low-cost housing. The foreigner must present to a Public Housing Agency: bank statements, report (in English) explaining the number, age, economic and health status of the people who make up the family and the identity document that shows that they are regular residents in the country.
  5. All rental contracts are valid for 6 to 12 months.

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