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About Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) can be considered divided into four sections: the north face, the south face, the east and west limits. Both the north and the south are subdivided, but in total we can consider that there are about 88 neighborhoods in the city, all flanked by highways and hills.

The large number of bridges that we can find in the area stands out, since Allegheny County has more than 1,700 , of which 720 are within the limits of the city of Pittsburgh.

The city of Pittsburgh, belonging to the state of Pennsylvania, was founded in 1758 and joined the Union in 1816 and is also known as The Burgh. – It has a population of 350,000 inhabitants. Roughly, but if we count the total population of Allegheny County, to which it belongs, we have approximately 1,336,000 people. An average of almost four million people visit the city each year.

In 1754, the French built Fort Duquesne on the site that became Pittsburgh. During the French and Indian War, British General John Forbes occupied the fort. He ordered the construction of Fort Pitt, named after British Secretary of State William Pitt the Elder. He also named the settlement between the rivers “Pittsborough.”

Pittsburgh Weather

Regarding the climate of the city of Pittsburgh, the average temperature in July is 28ºC and in January it is approximately -6ºC.

What is Pittsburgh best known for?

Andy Warhol, an American pop art icon, spent the first 2 years of his life in Pittsburgh, and the seven-story Andy Warhol Museum houses many of his most beloved works. See famous celebrity portraits, a selection of films and, of course, those colorful illustrations of Campbell’s soup cans.

You can even try your hand at Warhol’s artistic techniques at The Factory’s artist workshops. Learn about military history at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum, discover Pittsburgh’s industrial past at the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area, and explore the dramatic Nationality Rooms of the Cathedral of Learning, which reflect different heritages from around the world.

The Cultural District’s nine performing arts venues and dozens of restaurants make for a perfect night on the town. Travelers with children will love family attractions such as the Carnegie Science Center, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

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Craigslist Pittsburgh ads are advertisements that are published in the written press (newspapers, periodicals or magazines) and in digital media to offer and demand products and services.

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They are usually part of a section where companies or individuals can publish ads, often for a fee, and are organized by categories to facilitate the search (real estate, automobiles, jobs, computers, personal relationships, etc.).

Each ad consists of a brief description and contact information; sometimes it includes the value of the product. There are even publications dedicated to classified ads in a specific category, usually for housing, automobiles or second-hand items.

On the Internet

With the advent of the Internet, digital techniques have developed and professionalized, relegating the print media to a secondary role in classified ads. The vast majority of these digital publications are free of charge for users because they have lower infrastructure maintenance costs than print media.

On the Internet, classified ads have acquired a new perspective, people who were previously forced to pay to publish their classified ads in the print media, now opt for this new alternative, which in most cases is free of charge.

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