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Craigslist Houston Tx is a search system for everything you want for free in the city of Houston, Texas.

Find everything you’re looking for in Craigslist Houston classifieds. Try it and you’ll love it!
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cars and trucks | jobs | customer service jobs | apartment for rent | moving services | motorcycles | free stuff | boats | rooms for rent | housing | vacation rentals | apartments | tools | rent | services | pets | rental | legal | cars | by owner | real estate services Houston | automotive services | government jobs | by owner Houston | for sale commercial

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On Craigslist Houston you will also be able to choose thousands of items that interest you among all its categories:

  • Buying and selling ads related to motoring (cars,car rental etc).
  • Craigslist Houston personal.
  • Real estate related buying and selling ads (renting houses, selling apartments, garages, etc).
  • Craigslist of purchase and sale related to computers (laptops, mac, etc).
  • Craigslist Houston tx cell phones
  • Buying and selling ads related to fashion (blouse, shoes, hat, jacket, pants, overalls, pullover, skirt, jumper, sweatshirt, T-shirt, tuxedo, vest, etc).
  • Announcements of purchase and sale related to telephony (cellular phone, car telephone, mobile, etc)
  • Craigslist of adoption of animals (Dog, Hamster, Turtle, Puppy, etc).
  • Training and employment ads (job offers, online, books, online seminars, etc).
  • Guns for sale Houston Craigslist.
  • Contact ads (friendship, love, etc).
  • Craigslist Houston farm.

And remember

Craigslist Houston Tx is a portal where you can find totally free or find the ads you want, from jobs, cars, homes, etc. See us in yoyr city, Houston!

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All about classified ads in Houston

Craigslist ads are advertisements that are published in the written press (newspapers, periodicals or magazines) and in digital media to offer and demand products and services.

Houston In the written press

They are usually part of a section where companies or individuals can publish ads, often for a fee, and are organized by categories to facilitate the search (real estate, automobiles, jobs, computers, personal relationships, etc.).

Each ad consists of a brief description and contact information; sometimes it includes the value of the product. There are even publications dedicated to classified ads in a specific category, usually for housing, automobiles or second-hand items.

On the Internet

With the advent of the Internet, digital techniques have developed and professionalized, relegating the print media to a secondary role in classified ads. The vast majority of these digital publications are free of charge for users because they have lower infrastructure maintenance costs than print media.

On the Internet, classified ads have acquired a new perspective, people who were previously forced to pay to publish their classified ads in the print media, now opt for this new alternative, which in most cases is free of charge.

Craigslist Houston Tx

Search for jobs on Craigslist portals

I invite you to learn about the best agencies to get a job in Houston, Texas . These organizations help you to facilitate the job search, achieving a direct link between the hiring company and the worker.

In the city of Houston , Texas, the agencies have considerable relevance. Since, if you want to find out first-hand, which are the contracting companies, these organizations provide you with the information with the possibility of applying directly.

Thanks to employment, placement or job search agencies, many Spanish-speakers have managed to qualify for interviews and pass them successfully. In this way, you can increase the chances of finding the ideal job using one of the options that I will present to you below.

Employment Agencies in Houston, Texas

  • Roomi Group
  • Lofton Staffing & Security Services
  • Burnett Specialists
  • A-1 Personnel
  • Xclusive Staffing
  • Magnum Staffing Services, Inc.
  • Connect Staffing Solutions
  • Carltech Inc
  • The Mize Group
  • Crdentia

These companies have many openings and are hiring to work in Houston and the surrounding area. Many of these jobs are only posted on the companies’ official website, so you won’t find them on job sites. Take advantage of this opportunity to find a job with less competition, good pay and excellent benefits.

Looking for a job in Houston

Local resources are the best place to start your job search. Use job search engines that focus specifically on Houston and check local newspapers, such as the Houston Chronicle (available online). If you are in a niche or in-demand industry, do your research and contact a local recruiting agency to make connections. Also, take advantage of your personal network and your membership in professional organizations, as this is the best way to find out about recently added or unannounced jobs.

When submitting your resume, you really need to stand out from the crowd. In addition to updating your resume to reflect the American style, research companies before you apply to highlight the skills and experience that might interest them the most. Also, make sure your LinkedIn and business profiles reflect these same changes. For more information on job hunting, see the article ‘Looking for a job in the United States.’

Good to Know: The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a quarterly review of Houston’s unemployment rate and labor market, which may be helpful in your job search. There is also free information on monthly career fairs, including company names and available positions.

Craigslist pets Houston

If you love animals, could you imagine a better way to earn money than spending the day at the park with Houston’s cutest puppies?
Having man’s best friend as your co-worker isn’t the only benefit of working in pet sitting!
In fact, here are 7 more that we want to share with you!

  1. The money

When you work walking or pet sitting with apps like Wag!, you could be making $12 on average per dog.

  1. You decide your work pace!

No matter what you’re doing in Houston, you can prioritize your life first, and your work schedule second!
So whether you’re looking to really ace your exam at the end of the week, or have dinner with friends next Thursday, or a concert at Rudyard’s, you can have as much free time as you want!

  1. Take care of 2 dogs at the same time to double your profit!

Why be a dog walker for one when you can walk two? think again

Why only two, if you can walk five?

And the more dogs you bring, the more you can earn!

If you pay attention, you might just find a dog walker with their hands full of leashes.

  1. Communicate with clients in an instant

Working with app-based platforms like Rover or Wag!, finding customers won’t require handing out ads on the street, on suspicious websites or in newspapers. Just open your app!
Finding clients is a snap with services like Rover and Wag! You don’t have to be promoting yourself by word of mouth or combing the newspapers. It’s all in the app!

  1. Low fees

Dog walking apps like Rover and Wag! they are more interested in encouraging users to stay engaged and happy with their work. This is why any fees are kept as low as possible!

  1. Stress-free work!

Could you ask for a better day’s work than spending the day relaxing with your canine friend in Hermann Park or Sesquicentennial Park?

  1. Become your own business!

Did you know that most pet-sitting companies started out walking dogs?
When you’ve worked for a while, you can start your own service too!

Dog Bite in Houston

Dogs can be man’s best friend. That is until they bite you. Then, not so much. If a dog bites you in Texas, you should know certain laws. If you are hurt by a dog bite, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. You may suffer lacerations and bruises and may even lose a limb or finger. You could suffer dog bites to your face, arms or legs. In any case, it can be painful. It may require surgery.

If you are bitten by a dog in Houston, contact a dog bite attorney. They are familiar with the laws and can review your case. They will fight to get you the money you deserve.

Craigslist Houston car

Houston, the most populated city in Texas is one of the favorite places for Mexicans when looking for cars at auction, since it is close to the border and very good business opportunities are available. It is an ideal location for those who want to import cars to Mexico, but it also works for resident dealers and foreigners from other countries who simply want a cheap car in the United States.

Main car rental companies in Houston

Actually, there are many car rental agencies that are the market leaders and all of them are excellent and good looking. The best known in the United States and the main car rental companies in the United States are Alamo, Hertz, Avis, Dollar, Budget and Enterprise. All of them have stores all over the city and at the Houston airport.

You can pick up the car in Houston and return it in another city, without problems. Another tip is to pick up the car at the airport when you get there to save on the cab fare to the hotel and save time on your trip as well.

How to rent a cheap car in Houston and Texas

The first tip is to rent the car as far in advance as possible. The earlier you make the reservation, the cheaper you will pay. If you leave it for later, there will be few cars available, the prices will be higher and you run the risk of not getting the model you wanted.

Another tip is to research well in all car rental agencies in Houston and Texas. Prices vary a lot and sometimes some agencies have great promotions. And the number of car rental companies is huge there.

Another important tip to save money is to always make the reservation in the name of someone over 25 years old. The companies charge an extra fee that is very expensive for those who are under 25 years old. Renting a car in Houston and Texas will undoubtedly be an excellent investment for your trip.

Documents needed to rent a car in Houston

What documents do I need to rent a car in Houston and Texas? When you arrive at the car rental agency, you just need to have your driver’s license from your country and your passport. It is not necessary to get an international driver’s license or translate your license to rent a car in Dallas, Houston, Orlando or any other city in the United States. And an international credit card is also required by the agencies, to be registered in case there is any problem with the rented car or toll fees to be charged later.

Tips for car insurance in Houston and Texas

An important tip when renting a car in Houston or anywhere else in the world is insurance. Be sure to take out the basic insurance, which covers car wrecks and if the car is stolen. It is important so that you do not have problems or prejudices in your trip to Houston.

However, be attentive, because when you rent the car through the Internet, you are going to contract this insurance that is already included in most of the budgets.

When you arrive at the car rental agency, they may try to offer you an extra insurance, which covers against any damage such as broken glass and risks in the car, but the value of this insurance is high and, in our opinion, it does not compensate. They may insist a lot, but be firm and do not accept it.

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Automotive Cragslist in Houston

About Houston

Land of oil tycoons and cowboys, Houston seems to be made up of several cities that are reached by highways. And despite the number of trains and buses, most of the inhabitants usually get around in their own car.

It is not only the distances that are excessive in Houston and the figures are eloquent: it is the fourth largest city in the United States (behind New York, Los Angeles and Chicago) and has 2.1 million inhabitants (with a 43, 8% Hispanic, 25.6% Anglo, and 23.1% African American) who speak 90 languages.

In addition to having more than 10,000 restaurants, the great metropolis of the state of Texas United States – whose capital is Austin – it has the largest medical center in the world. It receives 6,000 weekly flights, has the largest shopping complex in Texas, stadiums for all sports, the 17-block Theater District and the Museum District with 19 institutions that encompass four areas adjacent to Hermann Park and the Zoo.

Founded in 1836 by the Allen brothers, Houston was incorporated the following year into the Republic of Texas and remained its capital until 1840. Its economy at the time was based on ranching and agriculture, but when oil was discovered at Spindletop in 1901, it became the economic pillar of the region.

In the 1940s, industries on the Texas Gulf shore diversified; in the 1950s, the Texas Medical Center began to rise, which currently has 54 institutions. In turn, NASA chose the city as its headquarters for the Manned Spacecraft Control Center, which was completed in the late 1960s, and in 1969, “Houston” was the first word spoken from the Moon.

  1. Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

March is always high on the calendar. For 20 days, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is held at the NRG Stadium (an indoor football stadium where the Houston Texans play, with a capacity for 71,500 people seated). This is the largest livestock fair with rodeo, dressage and races on bulls and horses, among other skill tests.

For 70 years, the massive rodeo has been organized, where families and groups of friends get together –with Texan boots and hats, always– to encourage the cowboys who resist for eight seconds on the back of a bull or a horse, while the sound of background a heavy metal. Other men must lasso a calf and this spectator with an urban look secretly cheers for the bovine specimen, which runs desperately through the sand. Some boys with helmets ride sheep and resist the attacks of the animals.

And a little girl with red braids will take care of the calf that she can catch with her own hands for a year: the fight between the two is exhausting and they remain embraced for several minutes on the floor, motionless, to the laughter of all. There are also cart races with obstacles and several more competitions until, every night, in a few minutes a revolving stage is set up – the lighting and sound are impeccable – and a country or rock music band or star plays. For example, in 1970 the closing was in charge of Elvis Presley. Nothing less.

From start to finish, the world’s biggest rodeo show looks like something out of a movie with a pro-American message. But no, this is their folklore. The boisterous audience prays before the start of the day of competitions, shouts – putting their hands over their hearts – when the flag appears, applauds their soldiers, consumes fast food – hot dogs, pizza, Mexican food and ice cream – and buys stuffed animals and merchandising . .

  1. Museum District

The first thing to do is choose wisely and not worry about everything that cannot be seen. Divided into four zones, the Museum District is surprising for its size, but also for the variety and quality of the collections housed in its 19 institutions. In Hermann Park – where the Japanese and McGovern Centennial gardens are located, as well as the great Houston Zoo–, the Museum of Natural Sciences stands out, recommended for all ages for its impressive geology, paleontology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, gems, botany and zoology rooms, where prehistoric fossil remains and treasures from Ancient Egypt abound .

To this we must add the Planetarium, the butterfly exhibition and numerous temporary exhibitions, always valuable and unique, with themes such as sharks or samurais.

Something similar happens with the Museum of Fine Arts ( Museum of Fine Arts ) with 63,000 paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs from the most diverse regions of the world. It has a digital archive of Latin American art and Latino heritage in the US, along with traveling exhibits ranging from Rubens to Islamic art.

There is a third museum that everyone recommends and that is the Children’s Museum . With an emphasis on creativity and play, the goal of the Children’s Museum of Houston is to foster an interest in math, physics, ecology, and civil rights. Here kids can take part in inventors’ workshops, construction areas and robotics spaces, which are complemented by an annual calendar of original activities.

It is also ideal to go with children, but it is fascinating for a visitor of any age. The Health Museum ( The Health Museum ) has the “Body Pavilion”, and the tour includes thirty interactive video and audio kiosks -where you can ask questions about anatomy or health-, a spine with a 7-meter ribcage tall, a 3 meter brain where you walk and memory games are displayed and a skeleton riding a bicycle. As if that weren’t enough, there are tests to evaluate the ear, throat and vocal cords in action and a giant eyeball showing how the eye receives and perceives images, among many other things.

  1. Downtown

Looking at the glass skyscrapers of Downtown , the first thing that comes to mind is that the “downtown” of the city only functions as a financial district. However, it is soon discovered that there is a true artistic circuit here, intertwined with sports activity and the number of gastronomic options.

Stretching 17 blocks, the Theater District offers daily opera, ballet, classical music, classical theater and Broadway shows. Only five American cities have resident professional companies that are dedicated to the different disciplines of the performing arts (opera, ballet, music and theater). Houston is one of them, while the total number of spectator seats in these blocks is second only to that of New York.

Close to Downtown and adjacent to the Rice University campus, the Miller Outdoor Theater presents free, quality performances throughout the year on its stage located in Hermann Park. The Houston Symphony is one of the organizations that contributes the most to the massive diffusion of art, offering free concerts.

  1. NASA

Center Space Center Houston is the official visitor center for the Johnson Space Center and NASA, and is the only place on Earth where visitors can “take a trip out of this world,” retracing the history of space exploration. Several permanent exhibitions, attractions and theater shows are presented, as well as temporary exhibitions created by the creative team of the Center.

One of the must-see places on the tour is the Gallery of the Astronauts, which features a collection of astronaut suits and photos of the American crews that flew into space, among other things. With an annual average of 700,000 visitors, the Space Center this year adds a complex that houses the shuttle aircraft carrier (SCA, for its acronym in English) Boeing 747 and the replica of the shuttle Independence. This attraction will be the only carrier-mounted shuttle replica in the world and the only exhibit where the public will be able to enter and experience the age of the shuttle.

As the official visitor center for NASA, Space Center Houston showcases the history of the US space program. For example, it has an interactive display with a replica of the Space Station (ISS) floating above the SGI simulator. and gives visitors the opportunity to examine the station in an environment much like the one astronauts experience there.

The giant screen of the Northrop Grumman Theater shows the evolution of the space race, views of the Earth from space and what it is like to train the men and women who dream of being astronauts.

The Living in Space module simulates what life might be like for astronauts aboard the Space Station. An officer explains how men live in space, from showering or eating in a microgravity environment, to operating sophisticated computers that allow visitors to land a spacecraft or locate a satellite.

The Starship Gallery houses a collection that includes a model of the original Mercury Atlas 9 Faith 7, the Gemini V –piloted by Pete Conrad and Gordon Cooper–, a lunar training vehicle, the command module of Apollo 17, a replica of the giant Skylab Trainer and the Apollo-Soyuz Trainer.

Finally, there is the thrill of taking off like a real astronaut or taking the Tram Tour for a guided tour of the Johnson Space Center. The tour provides the opportunity to be in the historic building from where the first missions were controlled, before making a stop in a hangar where a replica of the space shuttle is kept, where astronauts train. On the way back, there is the Rocket Park, where you can see the impressive Saturn V.

To make this visit it is necessary to dedicate a full day. To feel on the moon.