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This Craigslist Maui page allows you to geolocate to find anything you are looking for, from apartments, to jobs, to cars, to free stuff! Don’t wait any longer and find everything you need in Maui, Hawaii.

On Craigslist Maui, Hawaii you can search for free Craigslists, easily and quickly. Unlike other classifieds portals, we offer you a search engine where you can find everything for your city: Maui.

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Maui Craigslist jobs portals

Hawaii is one of the 50 states of the United States and is made up of a group of 19 islands, the largest of which is called Hawaii and is the one that gives its name to the state, although its capital , Honolulu , is not located there, if not which is on another of its main islands, on Oahu

In Hawaii there are many job offers  in the tourism sector and speaking Spanish in a native way can be a great advantage to find a job , especially in its capital Honolulu .

Although it must be taken into account that for most of these offers it will also be necessary to speak English and have permission to work in the United States

Making a good resume in English is essential to send your application to any of these offers. 

Sign up with the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Division of Workforce Development for a good source of recent job openings. The agency runs a website for job seekers called “HireNet Hawaii.”

Register directly online. Select your preferences for the islands where you want to find work and the types of occupations that interest you. Or you can choose to see everything that is offered throughout the state.

Enter your personal contact information and your Social Security number to register online. Create your own username and password, choose a security question and answer, then browse Hawaii job openings.

Click on the job you are interested in to view a detailed job description. Apply the method requested in the description, either by calling the employer directly, emailing or mailing your resume and cover letter, faxing your resume and cover letter, or applying in person.

Vacation rentals in Maui

Thousands of flats and villas next to paradisiacal beaches.
How many times have you dreamed of renting a flat in Maui to spend a few days enjoying its wonderful beaches, beautiful landscapes and all the charms of its culture?

From cheap flats close to the beach with the basics to magnificent villas surrounded by beautiful palm tree gardens, equipped with private pool and jacuzzi. Some are even right on the beach, so you can enjoy the beach for as long as you like.

Maui Craigslist jobs portals
Maui Craigslist jobs portals

Why book an apartment in Maui?

When we think of Maui, the first things that come to mind are white sandy beaches, clear blue-green sea, huge waves, surf and flower necklaces. And it’s absolutely true. Maui is a true paradise of volcanic origin full of paradisiacal beaches of crystal clear waters and fine white sand surrounded by palm trees.

But it also has countless attractions worth discovering. With imposing volcanoes and lush vegetation that inevitably transports the traveler to another world, far away from the big cities.

Romantic proposals of sun and beach, guided tours to famous places like Pearl Harbor and a wide range of adventure activities that will make you live truly unique experiences.

Maui vacation

On Maui, there is no wrong answer to the question “What are we going to do today?” No matter where you go, there will always be something to see and do, something dynamic and entertaining, something cultural and historical, something enjoyable, or something incredibly beautiful. 

This is where island fantasies come true, whether it’s sitting on a wonderful beach and watching the waves, playing golf on one of the most beautiful courses in the world, exploring the underwater world, discovering charming little towns, or hitting the trails. meandering that offer impressive views of vegetation and waterfalls.

On Maui’s north shore, watch the windsurfers at Ho’okipa Beach. To the south, Makena Beach, also known as Big Beach, draws travelers with its long, wide shoreline. Ka’anapali Beach (Ka’anapali Beach), to the west, is a popular destination for tourists and families. 

This golden sand beach is easy to navigate and close to resorts, shops and restaurants. Speaking of colorful beaches, head east to Maui to see Black Sand Beach in Wai’anapanapa; Red Sand Beach (Beach of red sands), in Kaihalulu Beach (Playa Kaihalulu), and the gray sands in Hamoa beach, which is shaped like a crescent moon.

In the city of Makawao, try donuts on the stick at any bakery, check out the art scene, and look out for Hawaiian cowboys, known as “paniolo.” Paia, a historic city, offers quirky products influenced by hippies and surfers. 

A popular destination is Mana Foods, where you can savor pastas and charcuterie. Pick up a unique Hawaiian painting at Laura Mango’s art gallery, just off the Hana Highway. Food truck lovers can’t miss the Crispy Squid and Kihei Coconut Shrimp Rice. 

After dark, head to Lāhainā for a beer at the Maui Brewing Company and hit the bars on lively Front Street.

Maui map

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Where is Hawaii

Most people know that Hawaii is a U.S. state and that it’s on the Pacific. But when I was planning my trip, I was surprised to find that it’s actually in the middle of the ocean. In the middle of nowhere. It is located about the same distance from Japan as it is from the United States.

What language is spoken in Hawaii

Most of the names of the towns, rivers, beaches, lakes, mountains and volcanoes come from the Hawaiian language. The names sound very strange and are composed of only 13 letters.

How to get to Hawaii and Maui

The best way to get there is by plane from the west coast of the United States.
There are flights every day from (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, etc.) and if not there are some cruise ship options.

Maui, Hawaii’s Coolest Island

The second largest and the second most famous island. It has some of the best beaches in the world.
It is a great place for whale watching, has a large dormant volcano (which can be climbed), very good nightlife, very picturesque historic towns like Lahaina and a great variety of resorts.

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